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Hello WordPress! Making my life easy

Acknowledging good ideas can require surrendering ego.

Welcome to my blog! This is my second draft for my personal blog. At $108.00 per year for a WordPress blog in 2021 this seems like a reasonably good deal to me. After starting with the Hexo site generator along with Heroku for my first blog post and arduously laboring to get a decent blog up and running I decided to make it easy on myself and surrender to the fact that WordPress has solved this problem and also to the judgment that I shouldn’t try to re-solve it.

At least, not yet.

Maybe after I’ve used a blogging platform for a good two or three years and I’m familiar with the challenge of managing hundreds of posts I will be in a position to credibly and reasonably attempt writing my own blog mechanism. Until then WordPress will suffice. It’s often nice to just use good tools that others have developed. WordPress is a great tool; may as well use it.

And it made sense to shell out double the money to get the WordPress premium themes. Rather than spend hours agonizing over just the right free theme I may as well pay for an awesome theme made by someone who cares deeply about their craft. It felt very much worth the purchase price.

The intention for this blog is to serve as a knowledge base for all things I discover and want to write about including:

  • cryptocurrencies (Ravencoin, TUSC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and a few others)
  • distributed ledger technology
  • political philosophy and technology
  • history
  • being an entrepreneur and investor
  • being a musician
  • Clojure and other lisps
  • other cool stuff (yes Emacs, you’ll get your turn)

Glad to have you here on my journey!

Time for a wild ride.

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Kent Bull

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