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Resource Description Framework and JSON-LD

Recently I learned about the Resource Description Framework (RDF) as a core piece related to the JSON-LD credential format in the digital identity space. There is an intense debate in multiple communities from AI to data engineering to digital identity on how to represent data and provide relationships, or links, of that data to other […]

Reading Mind Map: Key Event Receipt Infrastructure – KERI

“Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.” – Albert Einstein. In the spirit of keeping things simple for the new trust layer for the internet Dr. Samuel A Smith used the principle of “minimally sufficient means” to create Key Event Receipt Infrastructure, or KERI. Welcome to KERI, the world of scalable, decentralized, […]

My Second Brain with Org Roam in Emacs

Ever needed to add mental space or knowledge capacity to your brain? Now you can. Use a zettelkasten! Org Roam for Emacs is such a tool. Org Roam uses OrgMode formatted text files. Obsidian is a similar tool if you like the Markdown format.

Debated: The Simple English Argument Against Crypto is oversimplified and an angry, fist shaking at good new technology

This is my response to the Simple English Argument Against Crypto found here: Unsupportable claims from the start. The people who created the project don’t necessarily dislike government.However, I’m sure they dislike corrupted government officials or bureaucracies. Money is normally created by national governments though that isn’t necessarily a good thing.Who normally creates gold?Why can’t […]

My First Rust Crate

Announcing Airport, my first Rust Crate! While just a simple code example it is evidence of how streamlined the Rust ecosystem is with regard to writing, packaging, and publishing code. listing: (Rust Package Registry) Github repository: Purpose A repository with example code from Edward Curren’s excellent Rust Fundamentals course on Pluralsight.

My Rust Emacs config

Reference Robert Krahn’s excellent Configuring Emacs for Rust development. Troubles or issues LSP Language Server and Rustic mode unpredictably quitting. This seems to have stabilized after I restarted Emacs a few times. Have yet to narrow down what the original cause was. Config

Caucus Credentialing with Self Sovereign Identity Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus for Caucus Credentialing with Self Sovereign Identity Syllabus Verifiable Credential Ceremonies Present Issue Verify Revoke Issuance Technology Hyperledger Indy Agents Agent Setup Agent Communication Agent Credential Exchange Communication with DIDComm Dynamic Witness Selection KERI Trust Selection of Issuers Login (auth) with DIDs and VCs DIDAuth Credential Types Common SDKs Key Rotation Make your […]

Crypto Co-op: King, Owen, Pioneers, Bull

It’s time to make a Crypto Co-op. “Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.”— James F. Byrnes Banding together, building together, growing together, and profiting together represent primary foundational inspirations undergirding the various co-operative movements in the history of the world. With practical […]

Using the pRVN BEP-20 pToken from pNetwork and OpenDAO

Authors: Sujith Kumar Kupunarupu, Kent Bull Ravencoin (RVN) is spreading its wings to the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. This opens options up to holders of Ravencoin to earn returns from participating in liquidity pools, to gaining credit by collateralizing loans, and to earn returns from minting and staking stablecoins. This is all […]

pRVN Bridge Fully Operational – Bridge Seeders Wanted

Announcing the pRVN Bridge Announcing the Ravencoin pNetwork token (pRVN) bridge through Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is now operational! The pNetwork and OpenDAO teams completed the final steps this week in connecting the Ravencoin community with the greater DeFi ecosystem. Now around 300 bridge seeders, on the low end, are sought in order to provide […]


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